Created by architect Moshe Safdie, Habitat 67 is now almost 50 years old.

In 2008, after noticing a rise in operating costs, a study on the building's condition revealed the need to repair or replace many of its components.

In 2009, we were mandated to coordinate the different stages of the Plan de Développement Immobilier (PDI 2009) which included: cost estimation, project timetable, risk analysis and recommendations for different scenarios.

In 2009, we managed the consolidation of two pedestrian bridges.

In 2010, we managed the replacement of the water tower and chiller

In 2011, we prepared the tender and took part in the selection of an architecture firm which would then handle the replacement of the membranes.

In 2012, we managed a 1,600 ft2 prototype on a 10th floor pedestrian bridge, including the decontamination of the mechanical shaft, the replacement of the ventilation system, the addition and relocation of roof drains, the replacement of the existing membrane, the addition of concrete slabs and new weatherproofing, the repair of concrete elements and the replacement of service doors and windbreak wall anchors.
Structural eng.
Paul Croteau
Mechanical eng.
Dupras Ledoux and EXP
Concrete consultant
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