Twenty years after being mandated for the management of the Cinémathèque's expansion and renovation in 1995, LEM was once again selected for the asset maintenance and equipement modernization project.

This project allowed, among other things, the redesign of the media library, the replacement of seats and carpets in two projection rooms, the addition of a new projection booth, the addition of new office spaces, the restoration of interior finishes, the replacement of the reception desk, the replacement of air conditioning units, the addition of electrical circuits, the replacement of the data network, the replacement of the refigerated warehouse's roof in Boucherville, the acquisition of furniture and specialized equipement, as well as the replacement of the building's signage.

LEM was in charge of the project's management from the construction phase to the acquisition of furniture, as well as technical and computer equipement.
Saucier + Perrotte
Pageau Morel
23 months
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