After a fire completely destroyed the first factory in may 2009, Groupe Paquette mandated us to build a new one. Since this new factory needed to be even more green than the first one, every single detail of every component of the project was revisited in order to improve the building's overall quality and energy efficiency.

Being larger (72,000 sq. ft.), this factory is also more modern and features a twin-spiral freezer which performs better and uses a brand new ammonia-based refrigeration system.

The loading docks as well as the employees' terrace are heated by the excess heat produced by the refrigeration system. The use of this otherwise wasted heat allows the reduction of power consumption by nearly 2.5 million kW•h every year.

Designed to meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) international standards, the building features:
  • an elevator and a lift;
  • vertical dock levelers;
  • glycol-heated loading docks;
  • 40 rooms reserved for the process;
  • 3 fast-action freezers.
Michel Pérusse
Mechanical eng.
Total area
72,000 sq. ft.
2009 - 2010
10 months
Photo credit