LEM participated in the development of the program and ensured the complete management, including construction management, of the free fall simulator project located in Laval's Centropolis.

The building is equipped with a 70-foot-tall, 14-foot-wide vertical recirculating wind tunnel, powered by four 350-HP turbines.

This project is groundbreaking in many ways :
  • state-of-the-art technology making this tunnel the most energy efficient vertical wind tunnel;
  • first 14-foot-wide tunnel with air recirculation in a cylindrical flight chamber;
  • first flight tunnel to produce 1400 HP;
  • first Skyventure in Canada.
There are currently more than 25 tunnels in nine countries, and our client plans to build about ten tunnels in Canada, Latin America and Asia.

Skyventure's patented design creates an almost perfect freefall simulation, making it the first choice for skydivers of all levels.

This project includes: a boutique, a corporate room, an exercise room, training rooms, a flight deck, a reception room, a classroom, offices and service rooms.
James Lalonde
Mechanical eng.
Blondin Fortin et ass.
Structural eng.
Landscape arch.
Total area
12,800 sq.ft.
10 months
Photo credit