LEM was mandated for the management of the interior design of the building.

The final result is spectacular: spacious spaces characterized, among other things, by variable height ceilings up to 16 feet high and a classy and sleek showroom spread over more than 40,000 square feet.

The main entrance is also quite impressive with its clusters of suspended lighting, its creative wall mosaic and its two glass-railing escalators leading to the second floor.

The interior of the building is judiciously lit. The architectural lines are accentuated by indirect lighting and more than a thousand recessed luminaires are arranged to highlight the furniture.

A large part of the luminaires use LEDs. As a result, the energy efficiency of the building is greatly augmented: on the one hand by the low direct energy consumption, but also by a reduced demand in air conditioning thermal load.
Daniel Levasseur
Interior design
Éric Corbeil, Owner
Total area
40,789 sq.ft.
$3,000,000 (int. design)
6 months
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