To offer, in complete transparency and in an innovative manner, a complete range of project-management services, for the completion of construction at the best cost, in the best delays, and with optimal quality.
LEM favors working partnerships based on quality human resources and communication between all parties.

Claude Malouin, MGP, president of LEM experts-conseils inc., founded his company in 1996 to focus exclusively on administration and management of construction projects.

In 1980, Claude Malouin obtained a Degree in Architecture at Montmorency College. He spent the following five years working for various architecture firms. During those years, he developed his expertise in architecture, on-site supervision and construction techniques. Acting as chartered claims adjuster, he learned to produce complete and detailed construction evaluations and estimates.

In 1987, he was initiated to construction site management when he worked as an on-site foreman for a Montreal general contractor.

Constructions Claude Malouin inc. was founded in 1989 and over the next seven years, acting as general contractor, Claude Malouin completed several industrial, commercial, institutional and residential projects, namely the McDonald College, l’Ordre des Architectes du Québec and the Chinese Hospital.

From 1994 onwards, he obtained mandates as a construction manager. This formula, which reduces conflicts of interest and allows complete tranparency, is closer to his vision of what a construction project should be like.

In 1996 Claude Malouin chose to let go of his general contractor vocation in order to found LEM experts-conseils inc., a company exclusively dedicated to construction project management.

In order to further develop his knowledge and management techniques, he completed, in 2001, a Master’s degree in Project Management.

In 2006, LEM associates itself with a partner: Mr. Patrice Lacasse, B. Arch., Vice-President of developpement and project manager. His technical skills in architecture, as well as his exceptionnal skills project planification and coordination, especially in paragovernmental and institutional fields, constitute an important asset for the firm.

In 2009, Mr. Marc Côté, T. Sc. A., cofounder and Vice-President of project-management-specialized firm Codevco inc., joins the company as construction director. His knowledge in building mechanics, architecture and scenography as well as his experience in cultural-oriented project management, significantly improve LEM's level of expertise. He will then become a partner and act as operations Vice President.
Experienced construction professionals, we are able to support our clients in all stages of a construction project, both in Quebec and internationally.

• project management
• construction management
• budget estimation
• work supervision
• assessment of needs and their impact in terms of costs and deadlines
• feasibility study
• scheduling
• risk management
• legal expertise
• furniture and specialized equipement management
• support during funding and subvention procedures
• participation in arranging project financing
• counselling services
LEM was founded in 1996 with the specific goal to adopt a transparent, rigorous client approach based on fixed fee remuneration.

Our team distinguishes itself by the following aspects of its management :

Maintaining Trust
Since its foundation, our businnes has acquired strict ethics rules in order to stay professionally independent.
LEM wishes to establish a climate of mutual trust:
• with transparent, open-book accounting;
• with a straightforward approach;
• by developing feasible schedules and budgets;
• by respecting the work of the professionals and contractors;
• by returning to the client the entirety of the discounts negociated with the contractors;
• by systematically refusing any personal benefits;
• by adopting a flat-rate pricing instead of a cost-plus strategy, therefore eliminating any conflicts of interest while negociating with contractors.
• by providing, on request, a chart detailing the planned staff and their hourly rates.
• by offerring to its clients to possibility to appoint an accounting firm to check the integrity of the financial data related to the project.

Assessing the Client's Needs and Objectives
• Saisir la culture de l’entreprise cliente et comprendre ses besoins.
• Accompagner le client dans l’élaboration de son programme fonctionnel, en regard des contraintes inhérentes au bâtiment.
• Identifier et hiérarchiser les objectifs du projet.
• S’assurer que le programme fonctionnel est respecté, en suggérant des solutions originales aux difficultés rencontrées.

The Importance of Teamwork
• Rather than a mere administrator, LEM considers itself a partner who values quality relationships.
• We value quality relationships between every participant.
• Complementarity of expertise amongst members of our team allows for work synergy in favor of the defined goals.

Continuous Communication
• Staying in close and regular communication with the client, professionals and trades, through all phases of the project.
• Obtaining and disclosing information in a timely manner in order to encourage prompt decision-making.
• Detecting conflictual situations and contributing to their resolution.

Our Computer Tools
• LEM uses advanced equipement and software such as ORACLE PRIMAVERA CONTRACT MANAGEMENT for project management as well as MS PROJECT, AUTOCAD and AVANTAGE.
• LEM can supply its clients with the tools required to follow the progression of their project, thus allowing them to stay in full decisional control.

On-Site Presence
• As a member of our team, the site co-ordinator works closely with the architects and engineers. He is the project manager's right-hand man and his presence Il est le bras droit du gestionnaire et des professionnels, et sa présence sur le chantier assure la représentation des intérêts du client de façon continue.
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